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her friends, family, and former teachers thought it fitting to create a memorial scholarship to sponsor a student’s participation in the German Exchange Program. The scholarship’s goal is to provide a foreign travel opportunity to a Noblesville High School student who displays a hunger for adventure and a passion for learning.


Congratulations to the 2012 Scholarship Recipients

Lilly Reece and Connor Hanson were the 2012 scholarship recipients.  To learn more about the experiences the scholarship afforded them, click on the photo below.

From lef to right:
Connor Hanson, Carol Wasson, Lilly Reece, Carolyn Beardshear

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The German Exchange Program gave me a taste of what has become a life-long mission to see the world and experience culture from a local perspective. As a direct result of my participation in the program, I had the courage to choose India as my country of interest in the IU School of Ed's Cultural Immersion Program. Having already traveled overseas, I felt comfortable stepping "outside the box" being the only person in my cohort with India as a destination of choice. The German Exchange Program also built lasting bonds and friendships among participants. I STILL keep in contact with my exchange student, Franzi. The sense of freedom and confidence this experience instilled in me was beyond priceless and I hope as many students as possible are able to share this experience for years to come! Let me know of any other way I can help with this scholarship, it is SUCH a good thing

*Sarah Elizabeth McVey

Anna changed my perspective on life. She has been my inspiration, my hero, and someone I will never forget. My freshman year for honors English I wrote an essay about Anna’s struggle fighting cancer and how the world should view life as Anna did. My teacher was inspired and entered it into a contest. It won and her story is now on a famous website. I’ve gotten comments on the website post on how amazing and strong Anna is. I love Anna. I’ll never forget her presence.

* Kelsey Karst

I’ll never forget orientation at Freiburg (Germany) University. There was a very loud and vibrant person in the class. I was thinking, “Who is this overly cheerful, smiley, inquisitive, and loud student? Is she for real? Can anyone be this happy ALL the time?” Two weeks later this fire had not burned down. Anna, who had become known as “the girl always asking questions,” had proven that it wasn’t a superficial front. She was this bubbly, beautiful, and radiant all the time. We all fell in love with Anna in Freiburg and spent wonderful trips and weekends with her; we even braided her dreadlocks on my balcony.

* Greg Gottsacker

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